Custom Built Farmhouse Table

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We love pieces with history! The Upcycled Cupboard shares the details about this gorgeous custom-built farmhouse table. "About a month ago we had the opportunity to get the wood, doors, etc out of a house on my grandparent's farm before they tore it down. There was a door to the one bedroom in the house. It wasn't just any regular door, it reminded me of a barn door. The door was covered in paint! We decided to turn that door into a table. I had thought all along that I was going to keep the paint, just distress it and seal. But I got to thinking it would be much better stained. After a lot of stripping and sanding, I found beautiful wood underneath. The legs are made from old "pea" poles. And if you're from the south, you'll know what that means LOL At the same house on the front porch was an old long bench. We had the idea to cut it in half and make 2 benches, to end up making this a farmhouse table set. I then found these 2 old ladder back chairs that helped make it a complete set. It's painted in General Finishes Antique White and stained with Java Gel. It's distressed in all the right places."

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April 6, 2015