Custom Blue Dresser

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"This Dixie nine drawer dresser turned out so pretty! She was kinda raggedy before with a very tired finish. No structural issues, just a ton of nicks and gouges. This gorgeous blue is a custom mix of two parts China Blue and one part Perfect Gray from General Finishes. It’s not as purple as a periwinkle, not as navy as navy and not as gray as a blue gray. It’s just a lovely blue. I was inspired to create this color by a blue in one of my drawer liners. I was so excited to use the color and line the drawers in the beautiful paper but when I lined the first drawer, I just didn’t like them together. I had just ordered the liner I used for a different project but I really liked it for this dresser. Very classy with a little texture. There were a few places on the top that had damage but I was determined to stain anyway. I opted for Antique Oak water based stain. It allowed me to camouflage the damage as well as giving the mahogany a gorgeous more brown color. Pro tip-add General Finishes Extender to water based stains and they will go on much more smoothly and evenly like an oil based stain. The entire piece is finished in GF High Performance Topcoat in semi gloss. I don’t use semi gloss often but this piece just called for it! The hardware is the original Hepplewhite style pulls that add to the elegance." - Newbac Designs 

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Newbac Designs
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April 14, 2022