Custom Blended Eastlake Dresser

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This gorgeous Eastlake style dresser quickly became one of my all-time favorite projects with a custom blend of General Finishes Milk and Chalk Style Paints with 2 parts Queenstown Gray Milk Paint, 4 parts Seagull Gray Milk Paint, and 3 parts Charleton Blue Chalk Style Paint. The resulting paint was smooth, creamy, and effortlessly beautiful! My favorite part of custom blends is that they tend to be chameleons - they can appear to take on different hues based on their lighting and other colors in their setting. This one can appear to have a bit more blue, or a bit more gray, but is always stunningly beautiful. I am just head over heels for this chic, fresh farmhouse style look!


Winner - Runner Up in Anything Goes Category of 2017 GF Design Challenge

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For Love of the Paint
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December 5, 2017