Beautiful Desk in Snow White Milk Paint, Arm-R-Seal and HPTC Satin

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Anastasia Vintage blew us away with this gorgeous kneehole desk makeover! Snow White Milk Paint was used for the base. After a few more details, she coated the top with Arm-R-Seal and the rest of the desk in High Performance Topcoat Satin.

They explain, "For this piece, I used Snow White Milk Paint. Once the base layer of paint was done, I gave the drawers a lace overlay treatment, per my friend's request. Just a simple lace valance from the thrift store, some silver spray paint, and a steady hand were all I needed. Using my favorite colored wood stain, Unicorn SPiT, I mixed some custom colors. After many sample boards and modifying the original technique a little, I finally landed on a look we were both happy with."

To learn more about the process taken to finish this piece, go to their blog at

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Anastasia Vintage
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Post Date
June 3, 2016