Beautiful Christmas Décor Challenge in Snow White Milk Paint

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"Today there will not be a click it (I might post one tomorrow if you all want?!?!) because I am participating in a fabulous blog hop hosted by Alice of Thoughts from Alice. She challenged 30 bloggers to find something at a thrift shop or the like for less than $25 and restyle or repurpose it into your holiday decor. ...I knew that I wanted to create a new advent calendar…. something more rustic and neutral to fit the look I am going for this year. I had no idea how I would make it or what I would use, but I knew that was one thing I needed. I came up with this guy…. ...I took the mount home, sanded it down, primed it and painted it with General Finishes Snow White paint. I planned to gild the edge, so I let the paint run over the sides and didn’t worry about it. However, when I went to remove some of the paint before gilding, I found I loved the look, and opted to distress the rim around it." -Primitive & Proper We LOVE this blog post, and we think you will too!
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December 12, 2014