Featuring Antique White, Linen, Snow White & Alabaster Milk Paints from General Finishes!

Furniture Design Ideas featuring Antique White, Linen and Snow White Milk Paint and Chalk White, Bone White and French Vanilla Chalk Style Paint.

"These absolutely adorable Provincial child's chairs are the best things my eyes have fallen in love with! Everything about them is just pure! They needed a lot of work, so I refinished them without compromising all their natural character in a perfect deep creamy white (GF Linen Milk Paint) and new upholstered seats!" - Heavenly Chic Refinishing    
"General Finishes Alabaster is the softest and most elegant white this season!" - The Broken Masterpiece    
"Finished up both of these beauties just in time for the holiday weekend. I always love the classic simplicity of General Finishes Antique White." - Blu Soul Design    
"I love the fresh clean lines on this piece with the exposed wood. I originally had the dark line lighter like the top drawer but I thought it would add some interest to darken it. Plus I am practical and if this were to be used in a bedroom I like the idea of it matching a dresser that’s either light or dark. Matchy but not too matchy, you know? This piece was painted in General Finishes Antique White and finished with wax." - Bayberry Moon    
"This client owned set was refinished using Alabaster by General Finishes and the pin striping was done in Van Dyke Brown Glaze Effects. I’m loving the way it turned out!" - Painted Paradise, by Duke Interiors and Restoration    
"What a precious farmhouse chic shiplap antique wash stand! Such a cute and charming multi purpose piece! Great patina inside cabinet and love those slatted sides. Custom shiplap pine planked top added for that perfect farmhouse charm, stained in Early American with matte poly. Hand painted in GF Antique White Milk Paint, chipped distressing and clear satin waxed. Cutest bronze cup pulls finish the look."   
"White is such a classic color, there is a reason it’s so popular. This dresser was painted in Antique White by General Finishes and lightly distressed.New hardware give it an updated look."    
"Isn’t it beautiful?!? I painted her in Antique White Milk Paint and added a beautiful Re·design with Prima botanical design to the drawers along with some beautiful gold hardware!"     
"Have you ever been to the French countryside? No? Me either. Nonetheless, that was my inspiration for this chest. The victorian style brass handles and curves combined with the ultra distress finish gives it all the cozy, cottage feels. Fresh flowers, plush throws, old books, baskets full of freshly baked bread...it all belongs here! The ultra distressed finish gives the feel of it being a few hundred years old and truly worn."    General Finishes Alabaster Milk Paint    
"This mid century modern dresser needed a little update from the orange-y stain it had before. After a good sanding, I primed it and painted it in General Finishes Linen on the outside and Snow White on the drawer fronts. I also chose to keep it really mono chromatic with new white ceramic knobs from D. Lawless Hardware!!     
"This stunning French provincial dresser is painted in General Finishes Enduro satin White Poly. Such a classic piece!" - Belle Maison   Learn more about GF's Enduro White Poly in this video: http://bit.ly/GFVideoProductEnduroWhitePolyPigmentedTopccoat
"Full of rustic charm, this dresser painted in General Finishes Alabaster, distressed with new antique gold cup handles, and sealed with GF Enduro, would make the perfect buffet in a farmhouse decor or a sweet changing table in a nursery."   See all General Finishes paint and stain colors at https://generalfinishes.com/all-colors
"Vintage American of Martinsville Nighstands. General Finishes Snow White Body, Snow White wash on drawer fronts."     
"I refinished this cabinet for Greater Green Bay Habitat for Humanity ReStore for their Repurpose for a Reason event. This will be auctioned off for one of their biggest fundraisers of the year. I have donated for the past few years now. I stripped the drawer fronts, then tapped off a design and sprayed with General Finishes Antique White. A new top was added and left natural and new knobs from Hobby Lobby complete the look."      
"Always such an amazing feeling when someone hands me a family heirloom that needs to be updated and restored! So we together created a new look! The top, rests and front medallion were all sanded down to the original veneer and wood. I needed to color match the rests with Honey stain because the woods were different. The remainder of the piece was painted in General Finishes Antique White and then accented with brown wax to add an aged look." - Steener's Attic Refinished, Repurposed and...
"This vintage farmhouse style maple hutch is STUNNING! The top was sanded and stained a beautiful light brown and protected to show the gorgeous maple wood. The body was painted in a gorgeous Antique White from General Finishes. The back of the hutch top was sanded and stained as well to contrast the antique white. Vintage farmhouse images decoupaged on the inside doors. This piece would be stunning in any room!"     

"It's always amazing what a little time and paint can do! Updated using #GeneralFinishes Milk Paint in Antique White and Gel Stain in Antique Walnut." 

"Adelle. She's flowy and airy with solid traditional solid cherry bones and an update she can flaunt in any room! She's been sweetly sanded down, and refinished in our newest favorite white by General Finishes, Alabaster. Van Dyke Brown Glaze in those beautiful scrolling side pedestal detailing! A High Performance flat Topcoat. Top has been stripped, and stained in a deep blend of Jacobean and Kona to reduce any residual red tones, and has the most satiny finish in our hand applied Arm-R-Seal...
Classic and timeless in General Finishes Snow White Milk Paint.     
"I chose General Finishes “Linen”, it’s a creamer shade of white. The beautiful top was stained in “Espresso” and all the original hardware was cleaned and put back on." - Wooden Soldier Furniture  
Horse Lovers this ones for you! This transformation was an 8 step process and turned out exactly as I envisioned.  Products used: Saltwash (to add an old weathered affect), General Finishes Antique White and Lamp Black, Horsehead transfer, General Finishes Flat out Flat to seal and new hardware." - Vintage Sisters    

"What do you do when you get lots of requests for a pair of nightstands but can’t find any? You make them yourself! We took an old vanity, cut off the ends and made 2 nightstands! We sanded and sealed the tops with General Finishes High Performance and painted the base with Enduro White Poly." - Moses Restorations



"After a GOOD cleaning and sanding they were primed and painted in General Finishes Antique White and sealed in the GF High Performance Topcoat. The top was stained in GF Java Gel Stain and sealed in their oil based topcoat Arm-R-Seal for years of protection!!" - Upcycling by Amy    
"This vintage Stanley 6 foot coffee table and end table set were completely made over from top to bottom. I stripped the old finish off of the tops and stained with Minwax Rustic Mahogany gel stain. Gel stain is a great alternative to my normal oil based stain when trying to match three table tops that want to stain completely different colors. It’s thicker and can be manipulated to get a closer match. The bases were painted in a custom mix of General Finishes Antique White with a tiny amount...
"We are in love with this antique table! We painted this in General Finishes Enduro White Poly. For the top, we sanded down to the natural finish and sealed it. We absolutely love the combination with the simple striped fabric on the seat cushions." - Belle Maison   Learn more about GF Enduro White Poly in this video: http://bit.ly/GFVideoProductEnduroWhitePolyPigmentedTopccoat
"This fun little cabinet is so versatile! Painted in General Finishes Linen, a color that I always forget how much I love, is the perfect distressed accent to the weathered backing." - Flipping Fabulous   Check out GF's full video library for product overview and how-to videos at  http://bit.ly/GFHowToFinishVideos
"Get the Look: Finished in General Finishes Linen over a solid mahogany base. We've taken all those details and smothered them in Van Dyke Brown Glaze to make those details surface again. Finished with a High Performance Flat finish for a subtle glow. We took that old red mahogany lacquered top and transformed it into a deep brown satiny crown to top her off!" - Restoration Reserve    
"After a good sanding, they were primed and painted in General Finishes Antique White Milk Paint and the top is stained in a custom mix of Antique Walnut and Java Gel Stains." - Upcycling by Amy  

"The top was refinished using General Finishes Graystone Water Based Stain, the base in Enduro White Poly, we also changed out the hardware for an updated look!" - Moses Restorations

"This custom toy chest was brought to me to be revived for a special little boys nursery! The seat was stained using GF Graphite Water Based Stain to match his crib while the rest was painted in pure white using my favorite General Finishes Brushable White Enamel!"    Learn more about Brushable White Enamel in this video: http://bit.ly/GFVideoProductBrushableWhiteEnamel
Beautiful dresser in General Finishes Linen Milk Paint and IOD - Iron Orchid Designs.    
"Oh my gosh, I am so excited this piece is finally done!! It needed a lot of work, but it's such a gorgeous and quality piece that it was worth it. Mahogany may be a real pain to work with, but the quality is amazing. The top was sanded down and brought back to life, the base needed lots of patching, sanding and I had to create a piece of missing trim. I patched and drilled new holes for the updated hardware, removed the green felt from the two small drawers and added fun paper instead. All in...
 General Finishes Alabaster with the details in Reverant Gray with glaze. Notes: Gold leaf in wood carvings. Vintage Botanical Print Decoupage.    
"The Lauren. A secretary with the IT factor! Softly and sweetly brought back to a beautiful life in General Finishes Antique White, with a warm aging glaze and High Performance Flat Finish. Insides had the old lacquer stripped down to bare wood and sealed in my favorite Arm-R-Seal. She took a good amount of time to rebuild those spindled legs, but I definitely think she was worth the wait! Salvaged as much original hardware as she came with, and improvised on the rest!"
"This table has been MONTHS in the making.... I think this client will be absolutely THRILLED that we waited for a solid table with the perfect details for her new home!   "This traditional Paw foot Oak round table has beautiful pressed designs all along the apron... and since she KNEW she wanted a creamy tone with glaze- things just just fell into place when this came to the shop!   Finished in General Finishes Linen Milk Paint with an aged glaze and Matte Finish, the top is...
Beautifully simple and classic in General Finished Enduro White Poly tinted to Antique White by Belle Maison.   GF White Poly is a professional grade, spray only, pigmented water based finish that is tintable to not only GF colors but other popular paint brand colors as well. Contact your local GF retailer for details and check out this video to learn more about the product: http://bit.ly/...
"My client picked this dresser from my Unfinished Inventory to customize for her daughter. I love that she chose Antique White by General Finishes for the body and Brown Mahogany for the top. Even though it meant more work for me, I suggested stripping the front legs and staining them as well, I love the look and was glad she agreed!"    
Lovely antique china cabinet refreshed with General Finishes Alabaster Milk Paint    Check out GF's full video library for product overview and how-to videos at  http://bit.ly/GFHowToFinishVideos
"This solid mahogany dresser from Drexel is stamped circa 1962 and is amazingly well constructed! The wall this is going on are a beautiful green blue so we decided to go with pure white. I used General Finishes Brushable White Enamel with a satin finish and stained the top with a water based stain called Graphite. New hardware from D. Lawless Hardware completed our cottage vibe transformation!   Learn more about GF's Brushable White Enamel in this video:...
Beautiful dresser in General Finishes Enduro White Poly and Onyx Water Based Stain   Learn more about GF White Poly in this video: http://bit.ly/GFVideoProductEnduroWhitePolyPigmentedTopccoat
Great classic look in General Finishes Alabaster Milk Paint and Java Gel Stain     
Beautiful makeover in General Finishes Antique White Milk Paint    
"Here she is, my friends! Completely made over from top to bottom, this gorgeous family heirloom is a hand carved Schlingmann Wertmobel cabinet that belonged to my clients parents in Germany. Even after making the trip from Germany to the U.S., this beauty was in near perfect condition and honestly, I was a tad bit intimidated to put paint on her flawless goodness. But wow! The makeover made each carving, each curve, each detail even more stunning and truly stand out.   My client chose a...
"This dresser was very basic to start off with. I love the idea of just a classic white dresser with a little surprise so I sanded it down, primed it and painted it in General Finishes Antique White Milk Paint. To get the wow factor I added pops of the Fern Wood transfer to the sides of the dresser. Lastly finished it off with some mercury glass knobs and TA-DA you have a whole new piece ✨!!"    Check out GF's full video library for product overview and how-to videos at ...
Clean, simple and timeless in General Finishes Alabaster Milk Paint.    
"Oak. Everybody has it. Not everybody Loves it. Tends to have a golden look too often then not. Well this client had a dream of ditching the Gold and simplifying her buffet!   Voila!   A soft General Finishes Antique White with a subtle edge distress, and a sweet dark Walnut top, finished off in our favorite satiny Arm-R-Seal Hand applied finish! Some rockin' iron pulls give this girl a beautiful tailored look for years to come!"     
Loving the classic look of these stools in General Finishes Linen Milk Paint     
"This turned out absolutely gorgeous! Refinished with General Finishes Snow White Milk Paint and sealed with Enduro Clear Poly. The hardware was painted to look like brushed nickel."  Compare all General Finishes Topcoats at https://generalfinishes.com/compare-all-topcoats
"These nightstands actually came from a vintage kneehole style desk! My friend Greg of The Furniture Fix split the desk apart and installed a reclaimed oak top on each side.   They were refinished using Brushable White Enamel tinted to Antique White by General Finishes. To age them a bit, I applied Van Dyke Brown Glaze Effects. The reclaimed oak tops are stained in Antique Walnut and sealed with High Performance Satin."    Check out GF's full video library for product overview and how...
"Presley reNEWed cabinet. General Finishes Mix of Snow White & Antique White Milk Paint, Water Based Stain mix of Antique Oak, Graystone with Greige wash, Smooth & Durable Polyurethane finish" - Kenzie Lynn Designs   Learn more about GF Water Based Stains in this video: http://bit.ly/GFVideoProductWaterBaseWoodStain