Custom Creamy Table

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"And here is the gorgeous table! The final piece of a beautiful dining set my clients parents owned in Germany that she inherited and brought back to the states and will eventually go to her daughters. The table had been previously painted so I stripped all of the old paint off to start fresh. I never just paint over old paint as I can’t guarantee my finish since I do not know the steps the previous painter took to prepare the piece for paint. After stripping, cleaning, sanding and cleaning again, I applied shellac to prevent any tannin bleed through. If you remember from a post awhile ago, when I painted over the shellac, the paint crackled because the shellac was expired and manufactured in 2013-I had just purchased it the day I applied it-so I had to strip the table a second time. The second round, I used primer. The paint color is a custom mix of General Finishes Antique White (1 cup) and Harvest Yellow (4 teaspoons) to match the rest of the set. I very intentionally distressed all of the details and used Van Dyke Brown glaze to highlight them." - Newbac Designs      
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Newbac Designs
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November 16, 2021