Custom Creamy Nightstand

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The cherry top was stripped and refinished in Minwax Classic Cherry. There was a very dark, thick stain on the top as well as horrible sanding swirls, so it was a challenge to remove the deep swirls and the stain that had soaked deep into the wood. The belt sander was my friend on this one! The base is painted in a custom creamy white to match her dressers I did earlier this year. It’s General Finishes Antique White (1 cup) and Buttermilk (1/8 cup). We finished everything off with High Performance Top Coat in satin. As you can see, lots of distressing was added. It didn’t start out that way, I did my normal intentional distressing to begin with. But we decided to add distressing to match the next piece I will show you, that totally had a mind of its own. On this sweet table, I found the dents and dings from years of love and highlighted them to give it a charming, worn look.
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Newbac Designs
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December 8, 2021