Exterior 450 Topcoat

"General Finishes products were used to paint, glaze and stain this piece. Milk paint in Basil, glazed with Van Dyke Brown Glaze Effects and finished with Exterior 450 Water Based Flat to allow you to use it inside or outside under a covered area."     
"This one was challenging but the results paid off. So much dry wood and salt marks were challenging to match evenly during the process. It took 4 coats of stain with sealer and toner in between coats. GF Exterior 450 Chestnut Stain for the win and finished in 450 Exterior Topcoat satin. I’d like to thank Josie and all the staff from Léché Desserts who treated me so well while working on the door; it was truly a pleasure working with you guys." - Alejandro Vera Finition & Restauration of...

We have been working on the windows in this house, but we couldn't finish without restoring their beautiful door, which is original made in 1910. The new color is Mesquite Exterior 450 Stain with a satin Exterior 450 Topcoat from General Finishes. We did a cleanup on the hardware and applied a gold color to highlight it."

White Oak slab bench at the Nobska Light in Woods Hole, MA custom built and sealed with General Finishes water based 450 Exterior Topcoat     

A great shot of a set of our planters. These are the perfect fit on the porch of this beautiful home. These are made from our 1" brown boards and grey siding and sealed with...

Coffee Bean wood stain refinish on a beautiful entry door!

"We restore doors. We have a passion for craftsmanship & we reflect that through our wood restoration process. These doors are unique & they don’t make them like this anymore. Definitely a piece of art. We were very fortunate to restore them & bring them back to life with General Finishes Coffee Bean Exterior 450 Stain and Exterior 450 satin Topcoat." - MTC Painting    
"This door’s finish and color was fading and peeling off. The door was sanded, stained with General Finishes Red Mahogany Exterior 450 water based stain and sprayed with satin Exterior 450 Topcoat. Like new!" - Refinishing by Alejandro - Doors Porches Kitchens & Furniture    

"Walnut front door. Touch-ups with Exterior Coffee Bean and sprayed with 450 Exterior varnish on Semi Gloss. Like new!"

"Beautiful transformation for this solid mahogany front door. Years of light exposure had taken away the rich mahogany tone. Door was stained with Red Mahogany Exterior 450 water based stain and sprayed with 450 Exterior Topcoat in gloss from General Finishes. Brass hardware was polished making the door looking brand new!"     
"Garage doors refinished. Touch ups done using General Finishes Coffee Bean Exterior 450 Stain and sprayed with Exterior 450 in satin." - Refinishing by Alejandro - Doors Porches Kitchens & Furniture    

"Got this beautiful Western Red Cedar table and matching benches delivered today!! Finished it with General Finishes Exterior 450 Chestnut and the sealed with 3 coats of General Finishes 450 Flat."

Swing handcrafted from whiskey barrel staves and finished with General Finishes Exterior 450 water based Topcoat.    

A beautiful custom alder front door by Sand Castle Homes Coronado. We sealed with General Finishes Exterior 450 Water Based Topcoat in flat. 

1st Layer: custom mix of 7 parts Persimmon Milk Paint + 1 part Dark Chocolate Milk Paint

2nd layer: Water Based Exterior 450 Stain in Coffee Bean

3rd and 4th layer: Exterior 450 Topcoat


**adjust colors to suit to needs

Hand made Red Grandis Adirondack Chair finished with satin Exterior 450 Topcoat

Before and After Coffee Bean Exterior 450 Stain and Exterior 450 Topcoat.

Door makeover with General Finishes water based Exterior 450 Stain in Black Walnut and Exterior 450 Topcoat by MTC Painting.    
Refinished front oak door. This particular door needed more than the usual staining and varnishing. It required 4 coats of stain + toning the sealer in order to achieve uniformity and richness. Stained with Chesnut Exterior 450 Stain and sealed with Exterior 450 satin topcoat from General Finishes.
"What an amazing process it's been. Many hours went in to this door and I couldn't be happier with the end result. New respect to all Custom door builders out there. Just need to wrap up the brick molding and she'll be done. With new siding this will be one beautiful entrance! Door details: Wood: Hard Maple Finish: General Finishes 450 Coffee Bean and 450 satin...
Amazing craftsmanship of these exterior model buildings by Larry Webb of Pops Restorations in Franklin, TN. They were painted with General Finishes Milk Paint and sealed with GF Exterior 450 Water Based Topcoat. e
Stunning solid mahogany front door finished with General Finishes water based Exterior 450 Coffee Bean Stain and Exterior 450 Gloss Topcoat.    
"Making the most of summer☀️Let’s face it, buying new outdoor (AND indoor) furniture is expensive...keeping it looking good isn’t. Our customer, Donna Herrlich, infused some new life into her bench and rocker with General Finishes China Blue Milk Paint and Exterior 450 Topcoat.   GF Milk Paint is exterior rated! Add Exterior 450 Topcoat for added protection.

Check out this 7ft tall chair done in General Finishes Exterior 450 Cedar Stain and Exterior 450 Satin Topcoat by 

"Drove to St. Cloud, MN for these gorgeous double doors. They were 8 foot tall doors (11 feet including the frame), and weighed a hefty 300 lbs each. If you can believe it, there is absolutely no stain on the frame or doors in the before picture. The worn tan color comes from weathering and lack of maintenance. It took quite a bit of time to get these doors to its original African mahogany color.

"It took two layers of Klean-Strip, countless rounds of sanding, two coats of General...

"What a transformation! Painted in General Finishes Lamp Black Milk Paint, glazed with Red Sienna Glaze Effects and sealed with High Performance Topcoat. Old World Map decoupaged to the top and sealed with 4 coats of General Finishes Exterior 450 Topcoat and buffed." - Vintage Sisters

We'd love to have this piece in our backyard! John Kenyon refinished this walnut table with Exterior 450 Topcoat Satin.

What a charming custom door this is by Mark Dolan. He fashioned this cherry wood door using a Shapeoko CNC and Exterior 450 Topcoat, Gloss! See more of his talented work at his Twitter channel, @markspens!

Loving this custom table by Tom Davis! Finished with Exterior 450 Topcoat in Gloss. See more of his talented work by following him on Twitter at @davistomm!

Check out the restoration work completed on this 130 plus year old bench by Pops Restorations. The final finish is GF Millstone & Dark Chocolate Milk Paint and Exterior 450 Topcoat.   Check out more pics of this transformation at https://www.facebook.com/popsrestorations/posts/590431047825348.    
"Wanted to share a picture of this set of double doors. They are about 7 ft. tall by 6ft. wide, and feature mahogany, walnut, cherry, maple, and white oak. No dyes or stains used in this piece! It was GF Exterior 450 Topcoat only. These are actually the natural colors of the wood! Since I discovered your Exterior 450, it is all I use to finish my pieces now! Check out more cool stuff like this at www.heartsongwoodwork.com " -...

"Church pew before and after. Red oak returned to the classic golden brown satin tone it once had many years ago." - Joshua of Brackett and Co.

This astounding before and after was completed with GF Exterior 450 Topcoat in Satin which was pigmented with GF Amber Dye Stain.

Bob Bordelon stunned us with this lovely staining project! He mixed Black Walnut and Coffee Bean Exterior 450 water-based Wood Stains to create this rich, dark color. He sealed them with Exterior 450 in Semi-Gloss as well.

"It's 5 o'clock somewhere. Here is our new porch bar built out of ash. It is completed in GF Antique White mixed with a touch of Queenstown Gray. The top is done in GF Oil Spiced Walnut and the whole piece including the stools are top coated with GF Exterior 450 in semi gloss." - Pops Restorations    
"My first time to use GF products outdoors. I just love the newly painted door on my boat house. I painted it Brick Red and then glazed it with Van Dyke Brown. To protect it, I topped it with Exterior 450. The pop of color is perfect!" - Kim of Seitz Antiques & Collectibles    

So much sanding!! Over 20 2ft Rosewood planks for an exterior walkway we are building! I probably should've dropped these off to be drum sanded but I really hate waiting. The front one is a test with first coat of General Finishes Exterior 450.

Studio Paint Design refurnished this outdoor table set in Antique White Milk Paint. After three good coats and distressing, they then applied Exterior 450.

Bob Bordelon refinished this beautiful 100 year old cypress door using GF's Exterior 450 Coffee Bean Stain and Exterior 450 Top Coat. Exterior 450 Stain: http://bit.ly/1QryORQ Exterior 450 Top Coat: http://bit.ly/1KbUViC
Edmund Haremski refinished this lovely planter sitting nicely in front of Rockler buffalo. The panels are a mix of General Finishes Federal Blue and Lamp Black Milk Paint and the frame is western red cedar. Everything got 3 coats of GF's Exterior 450 Top Coat! Designed for exterior wood applications, Exterior 450 outdoor varnish provides your wood with a tough, protective finish that will withstand the rigors of the sun, rain, and wind. Fortified with UV absorbers to help minimize fading and...
Make a bold statement with a colorful front door restyle! Ginger Watkins upped her home's curb appeal with Lamp Black and Sunglow Milk Paints, sealed with Exterior 450 Top Coat in Semigloss for maximum protection against the elements. Learn more about General Finishes exterior products here: http://bit.ly/Unpd8m
Kelly from Soul Patina​ repurposed an unused sewing cabinet into a bright and cheery planter. It was painted with GF Sunglow Yellow Milk Paint and sealed with Exterior 450 top coat.
It is almost porch sitting season! Larry over at Pops Restorations just finished these "Fire Chief's Retirement vehicles" using Tuscan Red Milk Paint and Exterior 450 Topcoat in Satin for maximum weatherproofing! Learn more about General Finishes exterior finishes for furniture in this short video: http://bit.ly/Unpd8m

This gorgeous custom-made cedar and redwood outdoor grill was finished in Vintage Cherry Dye Stain and sealed with Exterior 450 Top Coat in Satin by Colwell at Heirloom Quality Woodworks.

This project will be stored with a cover to protect the color from fading outdoors, because our dyes are not exterior rated. For an exterior rated alternative, we recommend using Exterior 450 Stains.

As the weather turns cooler, enjoy that last bit of summer sunshine in Wisconsin with some classy outdoor furniture! Chris Adams of General Finishes restyled this gorgeous patio set using a custom mix of Queenstown Gray and Driftwood Milk Paints, topped off with Exterior 450 Satin.

Just in time to relax and watch the leaves fall! This beautiful bench was refinished by George Adams of General Finishes using a 50/50 custom mix of Holiday and Brick Red Milk Paints, sealed with Exterior 450 in Satin.

This fabulous sign was rebuilt by David Dean from The Woodwork Shop Inc. for the TV show Welcome to Myrtle Beach.

David used a custom blend Milk Paint created at General Finishes based off matched original colors and three coats of GF's Exterior 450 Topcoat Satin. 

You too could request a unique color of your own if you have a General Finishes wholesale account or you can special order a gallon from a GF Retailer. Send a private message to the GF Facebook page if you are...

We're loving this refined Tuscan Red bench by Decor Amore! This piece was also finished with Antique Walnut Gel Stain and Exterior 450 Topcoat for outside use. "So easy to use and the result is a beautiful finish. Thanks!"

Diane of The Paint Factory gave her front porch much needed makeover using Driftwood, Snow White, and Coastal Blue Milk Paints with Exterior 450 Topcoat in Semi-Gloss! Read more of Diane's story at http://bit.ly/1tZxkEJ

Lovely sign painted in Java Gel Stain and Antique White Milk Paint by Tattered Gypsy.