Westminster Green Rolling Cabinet

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"OH Harvey you handsome beefy hunk! Harvey here needed a full down to the studs demo when we found a bunch of completely rotted wood on all three sides. Thankfully we were able to salvage those fabulous drawers that had an amazing crackled paint from years ago! We've replaced the wainscoting and painted the body in General Finishes Westminster Green. Scuff sanded the drawer fronts to show some of that amazing lime green underside through it. Added some 4" locking Castor wheels so he doesn't go taking a walk down the kitchen galley-way! The top has an amazing metal wrap which I adore the look of, and frankly it would make the perfect surface for serving and wiping up! So we did a complete chemical clean on it, sanded and sealed it multiple times for a safe surface to serve from! Overall, he will make a spectacular Kitchen Island, movable coffee or serving cart, or workstation." - Restoration Reserve
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Restoration Reserve
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November 29, 2021