Nutmeg Vintage MCM Dressers

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"This vintage MCM set was used for generations by one family. It’s curves and frame make it one of the more unique pieces I’ve refinished. I always start by seeing if I can remove the handles and base of a piece. It makes sanding so much easier when you can create flat surfaces. For the curved surfaces, my SurfPrep Sanding makes my life so much easier. With their foam sanding pads, I don’t have to worry about damaging those curved edges. I also make sure to label the back of the handles when I remove them. While often they all look the same, sometimes there are slight differences. After sanding and removing the sanding dust, the drawers and handles were treated with Fusion’s hemp oil. To apply, I pour some into a small container and use a foam brush. After application, I use a blue shop towel to remove any excess. The bases were made of a different wood (a gorgeous ash) and I knew that hemp oil wouldn’t produce the same colouring. Using General Finishes Gel Stain in Nutmeg gave the wood a similar colouring. I didn’t want it to completely match and this contrast was perfect! The frames were painted using Annie Sloan’s Athenian Black. I use this black for most of my pieces because I just LOVE how the richness of it highlights different wood grains. It’s only made more rich when clear wax is applied. A tired set made beautiful!" - Kristin Lia Restoration    
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Kristin Lia Restoration
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September 23, 2021