Nutmeg Gel Stained Dresser

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Lovely GF Nutmeg Gel Stained dresser.   "Ever wonder "How does it work?" This piece is the perfect example... Mari got in touch with me and told me what she was looking for, the dimension range and her maximum budget for the piece. I found it and with her approval purchased and stored it until I was ready to work on it. She then came in to the shop to go over color sample and ideas... eventually saying "do whatever you think is best" (which is my favorite thing to hear by the way) I want the process to be easy for you... I want you to get a solidly constructed piece that is exactly what you want with without doing a thing. This is how it works." - Wood Junkies   #generalfinishes #gfgelstain #nutmeg    
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Wood Junkies
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November 21, 2016