Light Brown Dye Stain Toner Staircase

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"What a crazy adventure this was ! Initially, we were contracted to only paint the white & paint the brown railings black. Once the brown upholstered carpet was removed, we discovered that the stairs were painted and the risers were covered in adhesive. Being the curios type I am, I uncovered the bottom tread, partial riser & partial post and it was revealed that there is some gorgeous wood under all of that! I really pushed to stain the risers and treads. Initially they were thinking white risers and stained treads, which is the norm. But this home is not the norm and I think by staining the whole thing, it gives this really rich & modern look. Y’all know wood is back, right ? I custom matched the staircase to their existing flooring using SamaN Stains in the color Colonial. I added a hint of Chocolate to deepen it up a bit. Then I used General Finishes Dye Stain in the color Light Brown for my toner which added this beautiful amber glow to it. I cleared with Zarr Oil Modified Urethane that is rated for floors. I ended up painting the railings again using Centurion Wood Coatings high gloss lacquer in my special color, Witchy Wendy Black. The walls & trim are painted in Benjamin Moore’s Regal & Advance in Bright White." - House of Paint & Design Co    
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House of Paint & Design Co
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August 5, 2022