Kitchen Makeover in Gray Gel Stain

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We are completely inspired by the stunning kitchen makeover completed by Donnalyn Ginther using GF's Gray Gel Stain! "I was so excited to do this project and I absolutely love the end result!!! I have had so many compliments so far and I am looking into doing the dining room table with the java gel here sometime soon. I just am thrilled with our product and honestly, the total cost of this entire project was under $100!! (I bought two of the largest cans of the grey from Woodcraft, I then bought sand paper for like $3.00, I already had mineral spirits, and I bought about 6 foam brushes, that in between coats, I wrapped in a paper towel soaked with mineral spirits, squeezed it out before I started another coat and went to town!) I have told so many people about your product, I hope that you keep it around for some time, because I also have a cedar chest in the summer that I want to sand and do as well. I have the Antique Walnut color for that one!"
Post Date
February 23, 2016