Kitchen in Java Gel Stain and High Performance Top Coat

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Matthew Shearer gave his kitchen cabinets a fantastic face-lift using General Finishes Java Gel Stain topped with High Performance Top Coat.   

"Absolutely love the result, but I had to be quite patient in between coats of the Gel Stain. It took 2-3 days for the stain to completely dry but top coat only needed two hours dry time between coats. Next time I would spend a little more time making sure high use areas of the cabinets were extra clean and prepped. -Matthew   

MFG Note:  Let Gel Stain dry for 72 hours before sealing with High Performance Top Coat. Its absolutely essential that the oil based stain is completely dry before adding a water based top coat.

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Matthew Shearer
Post Date
April 15, 2016