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A Java Gel Stain tutorial from Chrissie of Chrissie's Collection. She has generously shared her technique of applying General Finishes Gel Stains. always sand/strip the old finish before applying the new. We use an electric sander or Citristrip stripper. Then I brush on one heavy coat of the Java Gel Oil Based Stain and wipe away the excess with paper towels. I prefer to use disposable brushes and towels because this is a oil based product which means you will need solvents to clean your tools. One coat usually gives me just the look I want. If you want to mask defects in the wood or get a darker finish you can apply more coats. I always finish with 3 coats of polyurethane or General Finishes Polyacrylic. I love the finished feel, depth and durability this step adds. I sand between coats of poly for smoothness. This piece was finished with General Finishes Polyacrylic in Semi Gloss applied with a sprayer.
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April 10, 2014