Java Gel Stain Table

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"We got this late 1800’s to early 1900’s table in with some oil based paint brushed on it. The client wanted it back to a natural wood look. These are often fun because you're not sure what you're going to see when the paint comes off! It turns out this table has been through a lot! It’s been used, repaired, dyed, stained, added onto, veneer removed, and painted. It had areas of oak end grain, maple, mahogany veneer, white, and red oak. It was a mess! Because of this it was near impossible to get a natural wood look and have an even color throughout the table. After speaking with the client we went with our go to color, Java Gel Stain by General Finishes. After staining and doing some toning with dye stains we were able to get a beautiful rich even finish! It’s ready to go for another 100 years!!" - Duke Interiors and Restoration    
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Duke Interiors and Restoration
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June 15, 2023

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