Gray Gel Stained Dresser Top

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Awesome weathered gray look with GF Gray Gel Stain from Canary Street Crafts!   "We really wanted the top to look like weathered driftwood, and I kind of wanted the whole piece to look like it could have washed up on a beach somewhere. First, I used a spray bottle to dampen the entire top with water. Next, I put a latex glove on my hand, then a sock over top of the glove. I dipped the sock in the stain, then wiped in onto the damp wood surface. I worked in sections, making sure to go from one side all the way to the other. Then I immediately used a wet rag to wipe off most of the stain. This let the wood grain show through and made the wood look like it was simply weathered and worn. It was super hot outside while I was working on it, so I resprayed each section with water as I went."   See more of this project at  
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Canary Street Crafts
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July 11, 2016

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