Faux Woodgrain with Java Gel Stain

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Loving this desk transformation from Art is Beauty_! Karin uses General Finishes Java Gel Stain to create a faux woodgrain! Now to get the woodgrain look I am going to give you the easiest tool in the world to use…your hand! Yup..that’s it. When the top was ready for the stain I use a lint-less cloth (think old clean t-shirt) I drape the cloth over the top of my hand holding the cloth in my palm with my thumb and dip it in the stain. Going in one direction starting at one end I run the cloth to the other end. I do the same for the next row and the next until you get the faux grain you desire. Move in only one direction, you don’t want to go back and forth or you will pull the stain back up.
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October 24, 2015

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