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The rowing machine was finished using General Finishes Dye Stain and High Performance Topcoat. All finishes were applied to premium Baltic plywood. The rower has two main finsihed parts; the outer frame and the inner frame. The first step was to raise the grain with a water spritz then sand with 220-320-grit sandpaper to know down the "hairs". A Custom formula of Cabernet and Amber Dye Stain was mixed to achieve the rich, reddish color for the outer frame. General Finishes Enduro Extender was added to the dye stain at 5% and is liberally brushed on and left to soak in for about one minute, then wiped off. If necessary, another very light sanding with 400 grit sanpaper was used to knock down any new hairs that popped up. This ensures that the beautiful grain of the Balitc Brich Plywood was revealed. Another coat of the speaicl dye stain formula was applied for about anotuther minute and removed. Then threee light ocats of High Performance satin topcoat were applied with a foam brush. Once the first coat was applied, the surface was smoothed over with 400 grit sandpaper - very lightly. After the second coat was applied, the surface was very light "buffed" with an ultra-fine, gray Scotch pad, then the final coat was applied. Fewer, lighter coats protect the finish without filling in the grain; leaving a beautiful finish. The inner frame was finished with just the High Performance Topcoat, but tinted with about 1% of the formula for the outer frame. This brings the two main components of the rowing machine into the same color family and creates a very subtle complimentary color scheme. This color scheme was applied to the "Foot Stretcher" and the seat as well. Finally, the same finishing procedure was used with Ebony Dye Stain for the seat supports and the seat glide track frame. Just the clear High Performance Topcoat covers the Ebony parts. 


The rowing machine was designed to simulate the motion and smoothness of an actual rowing scull on the water. It uses the weight of the rower and adjustable magnetic brakes to provide the resistance. When is use, the rower moves backwards and rises up, just like the motion of a scull, then returnd to its original starting position and the end of the recovery stroke. The rowing machine is quiet (53dB at 3 ft away) so early morning workouts shouldn't wake anyone.  

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Brian Chisholm [email protected]
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November 17, 2021