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Jess at Jess DiNuzzo Furniture Designs_ gave new life to a poor quality table by replacing the top and finishing it with a custom mix of Java and Antique Walnut Gel Stain to match the original finish. What a gorgeous transformation! This family now has a beautiful table that will last for years. Jess shares, "The table on the left is a 2 year old Ashley Furniture table top. After a short while of use, the finish started to scrape off! It was not real wood. The owner asked me to sand it down and give it a new coat of stain. That could not be done because it wasn't real. So, they got a real wood top (right). I sanded it down and gave it nice mix of Java and Antique Walnut to match the old table and gave the skirt a satin black so it would match their existing chairs and base. Sealed in General Finishes High Performance Top Coat so they won't have ANY issues in the future with this top. I took the old mounting bracket off the old table top and put it on the new one. The funny thing is, the new table done by me, probably costs about half of what the old one did at Ashley Furniture. So, can you tell the difference? Fake vs. Real!"
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September 2, 2015