Custom Matched Table Top

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"Solid Oak…. It’s my favorite wood! I love the grain pattern, no mistaking it. I love the color, rich and warm. This table top needed a refresh, but only the top; the skirting and the legs were in great condition. The top had some sun damage, and a failing sticky finish.  But, when you only refinish one part of a pice of furniture, you can easily run into a mess of unmatched finishes. Old finishes have years of sun oxidation (fading) and oil based clear coats yellow over time, between the two natural processes it’s always just a bit of mixing needed to make the match. With a little trial and error and my trusty General Finishes water based stains, I was able to create the perfect color match using Walnut & Antique Brown mixed in a 2:1 ratio." - Shauna Montgomery- Custom Furniture          
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Shauna Montgomery- Custom Furniture
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February 29, 2024