Charming Midnight Blue Nightstand

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"The color on the body of the dresser is Midnight Blue Chalk Style. It is a very deep, deep blue, almost black; A very rich and sophisticated color which I think works nicely on modern furniture or traditional. I applied two coats of this color. The paint is self leveling so you can’t see brush marks. To seal I applied three coats of Gray Gel Stain A little of this goes a LONG way. I still am on my first can. I like how easy it is to apply. When applying it looks white but when dry it crystal clear. The finish is flat but has a higher sheen than wax." - Danielle Driscoll of Finding Silver Pennies

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**GF Chalk Style Paint has been discontinued. Replace with Coastal Blue Milk Paint. 

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Finding Silver Pennies
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September 30, 2016