Candlelite Gel Stain Dresser

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"Process~ Chemically strip and rinse with lacquer thinner. Sand with 150, vacuum and then 220, vacuum. Wipe down with 50/50 denatured alcohol & water to pop the grain. Sand with 320 orbital and 220 sanding pad where needed, vacuum. Apply General Finishes Gel Stain in Candlelite. Coat of dewaxed shellac. Sand with 220 sanding pad, vacuum. Coat of GF’s High Performance Topcoat in gloss. Sand with 220 sanding pad, vacuum. Final coat of GF’s HPTC in flat. Hardware~ boil vinegar and then soak hardware in it for a few hours. Scrub with #0000 steel wool. Towel dry immediately." - Blush Vintage    
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Blush Vintage
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May 6, 2022