Brown Mahogany Accented Dining Set

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"Finished for a client. Boy were these chairs a hot mess, had to be former bar/restaurant chairs. They have been used and abused, covered in greasy, grimy nicotine gunk. I ended up having to strip and sand them back to bare wood- not the initial plan, but sometimes the furniture itself throws in its own curve balls into your project. They were then stained with General Finishes Brown Mahogany Gel Stain. After staining and sealing, two of the chairs were painted in a custom creamy blend. The table has a laminate top so unfortunately was not able to be stained, but the rim was wood so that was stained and the rest of the table was finished with the same creamy white. Added some distressing to the chairs and table base, sealed her up, and called her done. It was a long process, more than I had anticipated- lots and lots and lots of work." - Home Sweet Pickins  
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Home Sweet Pickins
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October 18, 2016