Antique White Cabinet

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"Obtaining this darling- we got a heads up as a curb alert from a client and friend while she was in a car, leaving town for the airport. (Y’all are seriously the BEST about hollering when you see good stuff on the curb!!!) Anyways it was sitting out in the rain, and had the worst purple-grey I’d ever seen … latex no less so it was already starting to bubble. We immediately started pulling the paint off (like seriously as soon as I got it on my covers porch) before it hardened again and sealed all that moisture into the wood. We let her breathe for a few days and dry out before re-starting again! Fresh and clean in General Finishes Antique White, and sanded down bare look on the wood. Sealed in a matte finish so it has that slightly deconstructed look. Beautiful faux grass-paper backing." - Restoration Reserve    
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Restoration Reserve
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June 26, 2023