Wood Stains: Water Based

Furniture Design Ideas featuring Water Based Wood Stains.

This color combination is classic yet modern. Removing the mirrors, swapping out the hardware and updating the color gave my client’s hutch an entirely new look!  Paint:...
"This gorgeous custom dining table is headed to its forever home. Top: Reclaimed Million Mile Oak finished with Onyx Water Base Stain from General Finishes. Base: Metal X frame base w/ beam." - Lake County Barnwood    

Black Water Based Wood Stain

Made from scrap wood and finished with General Finishes Lamp Black Milk Paint, Sedona water based stain and Exterior 450 top coat.
I’m loving the two tone look we went with on this mid century piece!!! I removed all the original hardware and added a fluted wood texture to the side drawers and stained them in a light wash of General Finishes antique brown then I painted the rest of the dresser in my new favorite color by Melange Paints called Turtle Dove which is a beautiful creamy taupe color that paired beautifully with the natural wood and gold hardware accents!  

"My favorite stain. General Finishes Graystone. Beautiful every time!"

"This antique buffet table was painted in a old dirty white paint with red accents. The paint was just flaking off everywhere so I knew I would have to strip the whole piece down and that wasn’t fun…especially stripping the legs and spindle…lol I was surprised to find the beautiful oak wood grain that was under all those coats of paint! So I stained it in a wash of General Finishes Graystone Water Based Stain to keep the wood in a natural color then sealed it in matte top coat!" - NB....
"This circa 1960 Bassett Gala dresser has the best bones but needed a fresh finish. To achieve this look we did a full strip with Klean Strip Premium Stripper, followed with a light sand in 220 grit to even the natural color. Made a wash with 1 tbsp General Finishes Antique Oak Water Based Stain and 1 cup of water. Mixed and brushed on, wiped back excess. Sealed with General Finishes High Performance Topcoat in Flat." - Saved By Design    
"These solid oak tables from the 80’s and 90’s are so beautiful refinished and given new life! We paired General Finishes Lamp Black with Walnut Water Based Stain for this stunning transformation!" - Nap Time Furniture Creations    
"This piece had been waiting sooo many years to be all shined up again! The early 1800s stained finish was practically fried from from its age! It took a lot of liquid stripper and sandpaper to bring it back to the natural wood that has been hidden for many years! Once I finished stripping the finish off I stained it in a light wash of General Finishes Graystone Water Based Stain then sealed it up in matte top coat… The crystal knobs on the bigger drawers are original to the piece and we...
"Refresh on a dining room table top is all done! Stained in a custom mix of General Finishes Antique Oak and Black Cherry (60/40) Water Based Stain and top coated in GF High Performance Topcoat for protection. Its back to looking brand new!" - Twin Grove Design  

I hand painted in...

"We do big stuff sometimes. This was a design that the client came up with and we made it come to life! All Maple with General Finishes Graphite stain with file cabinets below the middle bookcases."

"Solid oak coffee table.Stain color- General Finishes water based Graphite Paint color- GF Seagull Gray with a Graphite color wash over it." - Nap Time Furniture Creations    

"Love the look of grey stained wood. General Finishes Graphite works very well on orangey oak."

"Dining room table set refinished. This two tone look brings new life to the set and gives it a modern look. Base and chairs: General Finishes Lamp Black Milk Paint Table top: General Finishes Antique Oak Water Based Stain" - Flipping Unbelievable    

Stained in “whitewash” by General Finishes and sealed for protection.
So many options for use! Books, bathroom towels, entryway drop zone, shoes or clothes, home decor, the list goes on and on!

"Maple coffee bar and white oak countertop. Stain is General Finishes water based Walnut. Sprayed then wiped."

"We are really feeling this combo of General Finishes Basil Milk Paint and Hickory Water Based Stain. It’s the perfect combo for this table and bringing some color into your kitchen!!" - Moses Restorations    
Paint: Lamp Black Milk Paint Stain: Antique Oak Water Based Stain Hardware: Gold Pulls from Wayfair

"Look at this vintage tall dresser. The wood on the top is stunning. Here is a little more about this solid wood piece:
* Hand painted in General Finishes Lamp Black
* Sides of drawers stenciled in a vintage boho
* Distressed evenly to capture the beautiful details
* New vintage hardware
* Top refinished in GF Tobacco Water Based Stain
* Drawers salved to smell delightful
* Sealed for extra protection" - Butterfly Creations


Cherry wood stained with...

Mid Century thrift store find sanded down and stained with General Finishes Antique Oak Water Based Stain     

Table top was refinished to match the existing apron. Sanded and then stained in Antique Oak by...

"What a difference a new paint and stain color can make! This set was painted Lamp Black by General Finishes and the table top was stripped and stained in GF Whitewash Water Based Stain. A winning combination!" - Flipping Unbelievable    
"Another classic charm is ready to leave the nest. Meet Mallory! Black and gold never gets old…and when wood tones get in the mix you’ve got a recipe for timeless elegance. This three drawer serpentine chest boasts interesting wood grain veneer and colonial style straight lines. After a full sand, I stained the top and drawer fronts with General Finishes water-based Antique Brown and sealed with their HPTC in semi-gloss. The trim and base was painted in Dixie Belle Paint Company Caviar and...
"Adorable antique chest sanded to raw wood, refinished in a soft antique white and paired with bleached drawers that got a soft weathered stain. New champagne/crystal like handles give this beauty the perfect farmhouse glam. This gal is definitely old and has all her tweaks and character but doesn't stop her from being a show stopper." - Heavenly Chic Refinishing   Products: General Finishes Graystone Water Based Stain and Enduro White Poly    
"MCM 4 drawer dresser. All General Finishes products used on this project. Lamp Black Milk Paint on the case. Antique Brown Water Based stain on the top and drawers. Satin top coat on everything." - The Furniture Fix   J

Beautiful Dixie Bell In The Navy. Top was refinished in General Finishes Onyx Stain. We popped the original knobs back on, they were gorgeous "as is". Loving the final look!! 

Some things just look more amazing from the side!

Our newest release is a twist on Black and Tan, a deep green Victorian twist that is. This 8-drawer chest catches the light and your eye adorned in a full-length ghost stencil courtesy of...
"Closet/wardrobe in maple stained with General Finishes water based Pecan. A couple goals of this was to try to match the existing bamboo hamper color and to make sure the hamper would fit inside. I made it in sections to maximize inside dimensions vs tilting one tall cabinet which would have cost about 3” in usable height." - Flannel & Sawdust      

Obsessed with this new color combo...

This stunning piece embodies the perfect harmony of natural wood and crisp neutral paint tones. I stripped, sanded and stained her in General Finishes Provincial then trimmed her in Dixie Bell Paint...

"Love how this dresser picked for customization turned out! General Finishes Antique Brown Water Based Stain and Arm-R-Seal Semi-Gloss are perfect!" - Flipping Fabulous    

Custom Cedar Chest in Fusion Mineral Paint Raw Silk, Ageing Wax, G...

"Check out the transformation on this waterfall dresser. Stripped and stained the drawer fronts in Provincial and then painted the rest Alabaster by...
"Good-bye orange oak, hello modern gray. This armoire was a lot of work to strip it completely, but so worth it! I’m glad my client picked Graystone Water Based Stain by General Finishes, it’s a beautiful warm gray color that compliments almost any decor." - Flipping Unbelievable    
"I am personally very familiar with the orange ok look that was so popular in the 90s. It’s a very durable wood though, and can last forever so changing it up is a good option! This desk was stripped and stained in General Finishes Graystone Water Based Stain. New hardware also made this piece look more modern. Doesn’t it look like one of the desks you would find at Restoration Hardware now?" - Flipping Unbelievable    

Drawers and top in GF Pecan Water Based Stain

Paint: Underground House and Canvas

Cool small humidor that I refinished recently. Was pretty rough when it came in but it went back looking like new!! Finished in...

"My client didn’t even recognize his table at first when he saw a picture after it was refinished! Painted table bases and stained tops for tables is my favorite color combination. I painted the base in General Finishes Lamp Black and the top was stained in Whitewash Water Based Stain diluted with water for more of a subtle look. Everything was sealed with High Performance Topcoat in satin for durability." - Flipping Unbelievable        
"This was a custom table and chairs refinished in General Finishes Provincial stain and Fusion Mineral Paint Coal Black. There were 4 chairs and table with 2 leaves. May look simple but took forever!!!" - Estrella Design    

Top was sanded and stained in...

Even small tables can have a big impact with paint and stain. This end table was painted in...

Y’all, if you haven’t tried toning, and use pine in your work, you need to watch the General finishes videos on toning now!

How do you turn cheap pine furring boards into a finish that rivals Pottery Barn? TONING!!! 

2 coats of Toner:
25% Walnut Stain
To 75% HPTC in Satin



A fresh new look whether it's new decor and accent furniture from...

"My client convinced me to leave the drawers stained, even though there were a lot of chips in the veneer. I’m glad she did, because I love the wood grain! I did my best to fill in any missing veneer and match to the wood tones, then stained in General Finishes Antique Oak Water Based Stain. The rest was painted Coastal Blue Milk Paint." - Flipping Unbelievable