Wood Stains: Water Based

Furniture Design Ideas featuring Water Based Wood Stains.

A fresh new look whether it's new decor and accent furniture from...

"My client convinced me to leave the drawers stained, even though there were a lot of chips in the veneer. I’m glad she did, because I love the wood grain! I did my best to fill in any missing veneer and match to the wood tones, then stained in General Finishes Antique Oak Water Based Stain. The rest was painted Coastal Blue Milk Paint." - Flipping Unbelievable    

Paint color: Deep River BM
Vanity: Custom build, stained with General Finishes Black...

I removed the veneer front the drawer fronts and stained them using...

This is water-based Walnut stain on Alder with 3 coats High Performance Topcoat Satin sprayed using the $15 Harbor Freight HVLP. Extender was used on both the stain and HPTC and the wood was preconditioned. Started with rough cut 4/4 and milled it down. The drawer boxes were Baltic birch, drawer faces were alder ply and solid alder frames. 

"This 9 drawer mid century modern dresser by Hooker Furniture has been totally transformed and is ready to live its next life in a new home! The mahogany was stained in General Finishes Graystone Water Based Stain and beautifully complimented in Lamp Black. A combination of new and original hardware adorn the spacious smooth sliding drawers." - Nap Time Furniture Creations  


"General Finishes Whitewash Water Based Stain for the top, and Antique White Milk Paint for the base. The chairs also got a makeover with some fresh black paint." - Moses Restorations    
Stripped to raw wood and stained with GF Whitewash Water Based Stain. Grooves painted black and drawer fronts decoupaged.    

"It’s very common for my clients to want their existing table refinished, but to the same color it was before “but in new condition”. I still do the same pre work, clean and then strip but then I do my best to color match usually with mixing stains together. This was done in a mix of General Finishes Onyx and Walnut Water Based Stain. The table looks like it did when they first bought it!" - Flipping Unbelievable

The table is stained in a custom mix of...

“Black & Tan” They spoke, I listened: Good, quality bones were looking for a fresh look. This set possessed great curves and fine knob detailing; I knew General Finishes Lamp Black & Antique Brown Water-Based Stain would deliver." - Coat of Charms    
"Stained in General Finishes Provincial Water Based Stain and accented with lovely Re·design with Prima muted sunflowers, this tray gives off all the rich chocolates and signature colors of harvest time." - Coat of Charms    
"Coffee table and end table done! Single piece of 30"x60"x2" piece of solid maple. Took some work to undo 35 years of age. I was also able to turn an offcut into a cutting board as a momento for the woman that donated the table. Some specs: - steel hairpin legs 16"H (coffee) and 20"H (end table), rated at 300lbs - General Finishes Antique Oak Water Based Stain & HPTC (spray application) - Walrus Oil Cutting Board oil" - Goose Woodworking    

General Finishes Whitewash Water Based Stain on White Oak Backer
Houston Acrylic Mirror Gold Acrylic & Silver for Martini accents
Rust-Oleum Ombré paint on Gilded

"I was able to get a simple but nice looking coffee table knocked out today! Solid oak top finished with General Finishes Graystone Water Based Stain and Enduro Clear Poly. Looks pretty sharp against the black metal hairpin legs!" - Rustic Valley Woodworking    
"It is absolutely gorgeous. We stained it using a mix of Graystone and Walnut Water Based Stains by General Finishes." - Belle Maison    

Delivered these beautiful chairs this morning. I can’t get over the richness of the wood with stain from General Finishes. 

I am in awe of how gorgeous this dresser turned out! It is marvelous how painting and staining a piece can give it new life and bring it back to the modern world. My client knew that she wanted to keep the top unpainted and we decided to stain the insides of the middle drawers to match the top and give it some contrast as well as accentuate the angles of the piece. She decided to go with the color Mink by...
Created with General Finishes water based dye stains in Pewter & Blue and Water Based Stain in Onyx & Walnut.      
I love the way General Finishes Graphite stain turned out on this display case. It also has adjustable shelves with room to add another if needed! Another new type of build in the books! I love being able to take a clients design in their head, put it on paper and bring it into existence!
My client brought me this table that he grew up eating at. It was passed down and with its new life it is ready for another generation! Stripped, stained and sealed. The stain color is a custom blend of...

"Don’t have a lot of space, yet want a lot of look… we’ve got you covered! (S-102B 24'' San Remo Stool / T-36RT / T-30P / T-6P Table)
GET THE LOOK! With General Finishes Hickory Water Based Wood Stain" - Whitewood Furniture

"According to Apartment Therapy’s article, 7 Spring and Summer Home Trends You Need to Know Now, "Grandmillennial style and warm minimalism, all have one thing in common: well-worn wood. From vintage French provincial nightstands to expansive 19th-century farm tables, wooden pieces with perfectly aged patinas are bigger than ever this season. Shown here T-4066XXTT (table) C-170B (chair) Get the LOOK! With General Finishes Antique Brown & Graphite Water Based Stains." - Whitewood...

"Come home to the utmost comfort and class, with the Charleston Bedroom Collection. GET THE LOOK with General Finishes Hickory Water Based Stain." - Whitewood Furniture - Unfinished Furniture

"Who loves Barndoors (raise of hands)?! Our Barndoor server has a TON of look, and LOTS and LOTS of storage. Get the look with General Finishes Snow White Milk Paint & Espresso Water Based Stain." - Whitewood Furniture

Feel the breeze, smell the salt, bring the seaside inside with our coastal collection! 
GET THE LOOK with General Finishes Whitewash Water Based finish and Key West Blue Milk Paint!

"My client brought this to me in rough shape, but it had once belonged to her mother and she wanted to save it. Her sister had started stripping it but never fully finished so there was a lot of paint and stripper residue that I had to remove. After it was cleaned and bare wood I stained it in what I’m calling my signature stain (a mix of Antique Oak and Graystone Water Based Stain) by General Finishes and then added new hardware. My client was shocked at the transformation and said her sister...

Another client owned stained piece, but this one was hand built by my client years ago! I love hearing stories of clients and how their furniture was made, that they originally used it for storing records and still use it for that purpose today!

Stain Color: Onyx by General Finishes

 Corner China cabinets in General Finishes Tobacco Water Based Stain. Next up: crown, finish, glass panels & knobs. These are becoming my favorite pieces to date.

Custom entry table in General Finishes Brown Mahogany Waterbased Stain and Arm-R-Seal Semigloss.

"When you get free furniture you create! Painted General Finishes Basil Milk Paint. Glazed using General Finishes Graphite Water Based Stain. Top is stained with Graphite too. Clear coated using Aqua Coat water base clear lacquer." - Tara Lou Designs   Learn more about how to create custom glazes with GF water based products here: https://generalfinishes.com/faq/how-can-i-create-...

"This beautiful walnut dresser needed lots of love; the frame was cracked and completely separated in the back, it reeked of cigarettes, the drawers were falling in, and it was covered in layers of lead paint. I never thought I'd get around to painting!! But it was beyond worth it to save this dresser. Painted in the softest grey, the drawers, top, and legs were given a whitewash using General Finishes Whitewash Water Based Stain, and the original hardware was cleaned and painted. I love how...

"I made this stain sample board. It has 8 different options for a client, and it's designed to give them a good idea of how the stain will look on their project. This piece of wood is cut from the same board that went towards the drawer fronts, so it should be a good representation of how the stain will take when applied to the final piece."

"This beautiful mid century dresser lasted less than an hour in my inventory before a client dropping off a custom piece snagged it up for her son's room! The top and bottom two drawers were stained in General Finishes Espresso Water Based Stain while the rest was painted in one of my favorite grays, GF Queenstown Gray. New brushed gold hardware completed this update!" - Nap Time Furniture Creations

"Another 90’s orange oak table renewed and refreshed, these tables are quality made and so worth updating! This table was stained in Graystone from General Finishes and the base was painted in Seagull Gray, a beautiful combination!" - Nap Time Furniture Creations    

Sacred Sage by Fusion Mineral Paint and GF Whitewash Water Based Stain



"This beautiful oak buffet has been transformed into the perfect height to be a media console simply by removing the feet! The top was stained in General Finishes water based stain in Antique Brown which pairs beautifully with Coastal Blue and new brushed nickel hardware!" - Nap Time Furniture Creations

"The top was stained using General Finishes Water Based Stain in Graystone while the bottoms were painted in pure white followed by an Empire Gray color wash to achieve this light and airy beachy vibe!" - Nap Time Furniture Creations    
"Here’s the final version of this custom desk that we recently wrapped up. I added some more metal hardware on the top to tie everything together and think it turned out really cool! All ash hardwood, General Finishes Graystone Water Based Stain and Enduro Clear Poly Satin." - Rustic Valley Woodworking    
"It's a keeper! This Mid-Century Johnson-Carper dresser got a complete makeover, all the way down to the awesome hardware. Painted in...
"Old dresser turned Farmhouse Coffee Bar!! I love this so much! First, I sanded the top down to bare wood and used my favorite General Finishes Whitewash Water Based Stain. Then I removed the bottom 3 drawers and created one storage shelf and one large open space to store all the things. I left the top two drawers for silverware, utensils or your favorite stash of coffee and tea. Then to hide all your junk, I added a cafe rod with fabric. Keep it open or closed... it’s up to you! I also...

I always use natural oil finishes but when a client request some stain, I use General Finishes each and every time. Water based so clean up is a breeze, especially when running it through my spray gun. I love this stuff and you should try it out!

These pieces are part of a bedroom set we did for a custom work client. We painted the bottom “Perfect Gray” by General Finishes and stained the top in a mix of General Finishes “Provincial” and “Graystone” Water Based Stains." - Moses Restorations    
"Ok I am OVER THE MOON with this makeover!! The back was completely warped and broken and every joint was loose. I took the time to re-glue and clamp every single joint on this desk and cut a new, maple back for it. After taking care of the structural issues, I sanded it down and painted it in General Finishes Lamp Black and after removing the veneer, stained the front piece in GF Whitewash water based wood stain. I top coated the entire piece and added dainty new knobs even adding one on the...
"This beautiful dresser was refinished in General Finishes Antique White and distressed. The hardware was refinished in an antique bronze and white gold. The top was completely sanded down and stained with General Finishes water based Provincial stain and top coated for added protection." - Estrella Design    

"This antique buffet was refinished in ...

Desk, Nightstands and Headboard   Wood: Red Oak Stain: General Finishes Provincial Water Based Stain Finish: General Finishes High Performance Topcoat
"These end tables were completely sanded down, primed and painted in General Finishes Alabaster Milk Paint. Since I wanted to highlight the inlay on the top, I stained it in GF Whitewash Water Based Stain and sealed the whole piece in the General Finish High Performance Topcoat to protect them for years to come!" - Upcycling by Amy    
"We just finished up this stunning custom order table. We stained it using a mix of General Finishes Graystone and Walnut water based stains." - Belle Maison