"The Green Bay Packer Lambeau Set.  General Finishes Gel Stain in White and Prairie Wheat mixed with Mixol Green and Yellow. Burly Bags tuned these bags around literally overnight. If you need bags, this is your guy." - PhilsBoards    
Beautiful set by 208 Boards & Bags with General Finishes White, Black and Ash Gray Gel Stains!    
"Another gorgeous buffet and we have General Finishes White Gel Stain to thank. This piece was completely stripped of its old finish, sanded, and stained. We did have to buy new hardware due to one being broken but we kept it close to the original design." - Primm n Proper Pickens    
"This mid-century modern tallboy dresser is ALL quality. To treasure the historical sleek solid wood frame, I exposed it through the leg base for a beautiful raw wood feel. I also sanded the wood veneer on the entire top section for added emphasis and balance for the wood and paint combo. The ingrained original yellow of the wood was toned down with a cream-colored stain to get this clean, light finish. A mix of two gel stains by General Finishes were used to get this cream washed look: White...
"This was a true labor of love and we just couldn’t wait to share it with you! We started by completely stripping the piece of its original finish. Followed by sanding (lots of hand sanding those details) and cleaning. We followed that up with White Gel Stain from General Finishes. The beauty of this piece is that it’s composed of different woods which is why you see the variation throughout the piece. Making it truly one of a kind. The last step was multiple layers of top coat for a durable...
"Solid oak takes white stain SO GOOD. Wondering how we achieve this white wash look? First we sand our pieces down to completely remove the old finish then we apply General Finishes White Gel Stain and wipe it back!" - Primm n Proper Pickens        
"Came up with this one of a kind design using the pictures my client sent me for her to gift to her folks for Christmas. So happy with how all these colors came together. General Finishes Black, White and New Pine Gel Stains mixed with Mixol tints for the purple, green and grey shades." - 208 Boards & Bags    
"After sitting around, stripped and sanded of that awful thick red finish for so long, I just couldn’t get past how much I loved the raw look this one had! So, I mixed some General Finishes New Pine and White Gel Stain, and here she is" - A Pinch of Rue Designs    
"We could paint a white primer coat on our boards….. but why cover up all that beauty. Love General Finishes White Gel Stain!!!" - BooYah-Boards    
"The Teal Dodger Flag Set. With a little help from my friends General Finishes White Gel Stain & Mixol Green #8 we crushed the customers expectations and matched the theme of their backyard oasis. P.S. I rarely stain frames, but always stoked when I do. B Brothers Bags customer service is on point." - PhilsBoards    
Bright and vibrant cornhole board set   General Finishes Gel Stains: Black, Ash Gray mixed with Nutmeg, White, New Pine mixed with Mixol for the blue, Colonial Maple mixed with Mixol for the red.    

This sweet mid century dresser will be in a new baby girl’s room....

“Hannah” has been undergoing her makeover and is now ready for her big reveal. Being an older gal with good bones, this solid oak antique dresser has traded in her orange tones for an updated look while maintaining a soft vintage style. After a thorough cleaning, the work began with sanding, staining, paint, a beautiful decor transfer on the drawer fronts and a little hardware bling for that special touch. It’s all in the finishes! She’s a classic piece with a modern twist and will continue to...

GF Oil Based White Gel Stain on White Oak

Blonde Maple stained with White Gel Stain

"Donna’s mom has had this sewing table for a long time. While her sewing days are behind her, this piece means a great deal to her. She’s recently moved into a newer place and seeing the sewing table to desk conversion I did for my niece, asked if it was possible for this. I removed the top (screws were underneath) and used it as a guide for the new one I was making from 3/4” plywood. The edges were sanded smooth and I applied wood veneer edging. Once prepped, I applied two coats of...

I sanded the tops, two inside drawers, the bottom frame and legs. I used...

"I’ve finally expanded my color palette, and this cute Dixie dresser got two new colors I’ve never tried yet. I used General Finishes Empire Gray Milk Paint and their White Gel Stain. I’m so happy with how these two colors turned out." - Designs by Willow Farms    

"Curved drawers on this Bassett mid century dresser needed something special and unique. General Finishes White Gel Stain gave them a modern whitewash look. Surrounded by an Alabaster Milk painted frame, accented with gold handles and feet creates a simply elegant design." 

"This cabinet is a beast! I love these old pieces! It was a handmade family heirloom that we sanded down to raw wood and applied General Finishes White Gel Stain. We then sanded it back giving it a nice worn beachy look and highlighted the grooves with Van Dyke Brown Glaze Effects. We also added feet making this cabinet more then 9’ tall! It turned out beautiful! The picture doesn’t do it justice!!"     

White Gel Stain Table Top

White Gel Stained dresser top - raw wood

Done in Fusion Soap Stone and Raw Silk. The piece is maple and I had to show it off so I decided to try General Finishes White gel stain and I am now a huge fan of the color.

The one truly great thing about the real estate market is its predictability – one way or another, the growing population will always need a place to live. That is why investing in an old house almost always turns a profit. Depending on the room, ROI can range anywhere between 54% and 87%.

However, it is important to remember that not all upgrades are the same. Let’s take a...

"Oak roll top desk and chair painted in Snow White and Lamp Black Milk Paint. White was lightly distressed. Protected with High Performance Topcoat." - Red Geranium Restorations

Susan M. DeAngelo refinished this gorgeous buffet using General Finishes Linen Milk Paint topped with Van Dyke Brown Glaze Effects for the base and the top was stained with Java Gel Stain.