Home staging is an essential part of selling a house. It is used to highlight your home’s most impressive assets in order to help the buyers envision themselves living there. To help you out, we’re prepared five tips about decor essentials you can use to set the stage for a quick sale.

Stick with a neutral color palette to appeal to most buyers

When putting your house up for sale, it’s best to create some kind of blank slate in terms of your interior decor...

The kitchen is the heart of every home, but it doesn’t beat in the same rhythm for everyone. For some people, it is just a place to prepare food needed to survive, while for others, it is the place where the magic happens. If you belong to the latter group, you want your kitchen to be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and have everything you need to prepare various culinary delights. So, if you want to create a chef’s kitchen, whether for your personal or professional needs (hosting a...

The Paint Factory highlighted the beauty of this buffet with General Finishes Clear, Van Dyke Brown, Burnt Umber and Yellow Ochre Glaze Effects.    

Diane of The Paint Factory blew us away with this masterpiece transfer: 'Swan Song' Ophelia! She used a combination of Clear, Van Dyke Brown, and Burnt Umber Glaze Effects for the finish. Words cannot express how gorgeous this piece is.

She describes, "And while working with Ophelia, I realized that she was quite possibly my last image transfer. I feel that this particular 'voice/vision' (whatever you want to call it), has been expressed... It feels right to go and exercise a new...

This beauty was refinished by Diane of The Paint Factory LLC. It was accented with GF Van Dyke Brown, Burnt Umber and Clear Glaze Effects. Looks amazing!
Feast your eyes on this one of a kind beauty! "The Virgin, Jesus and Saint John Baptist by William-Adolphe Bouguereau 1875. I wanted to pay homage to The Madonna. A shrine, so to speak. And I wanted the fresco feel to it (especially on the panels) and gold leaf. Because, in Italy, everything is gold leafed. Lots of GF glazes on this. Clear, Burnt Umber, Van Dyke Glaze with Glaze Extender (which rocks)." - Diane of The Paint Factory LLC_

You know how much I love your glazes, GF!! And now I love the glaze extender. Just what I needed for this piece. This is my latest creation. I wanted it to look like a fresco, and I needed the right amount of aging (and I hate using dark wax). Clear/Van Dyke/Burnt Umber GF Glazes. - The Paint Factory by Diane Llewellyn Grover