French provincial set made over with General Finishes water based Enduro Poly satin custom tinted to GF Coastal Blue     

This modem farmhouse buffet is the perfect statement piece with deep blue shade! Multiple washes with dye stain and paint created so much depth and dimension, it looks different depending on the light.

I used General Finishes dye in blue and Milk paint in China Blue which is a beautiful true navy.

Different ratios of Blue and Green Dye Stain mixed with GF Sanding Sealer to create a toner to neutralize the orange color of the original cabinets. 

Left Cabinet: 

Top left: 5% Green Dye Stain X 2 coats

Bottom left: 5% Green Dye Stain X 3 coats

Top right: 10 % Green Dye Stain X 2 coats

Bottom right: 10% Green Dye Stain X 3 Coats


Right Cabinet: 

Top Left: 5% Blue Dye Stain X 2 Coats

Bottom Left: 5% Blue Dye Stain X 3...

GF Water Based Blue and Ebony Dye Stains and Cinnamon Dye Stain on Birch Plywood

Custom Dye Stain Combos

Created with General Finishes water based dye stains in Pewter & Blue and Water Based Stain in Onyx & Walnut.      
Absolutely amazingly intricate design!   "Eclipse, 29"x29” Finished in red and blue General Finishes Dye Stain." - 515 Design Co  

"We got to make this really cool custom Cancer sign lantern. It’s made from white oak and I used General Finishes Blue dye to give it some color."

New project in the works. A little pre-stain before General Finishes blue dye stain. 

"If you're looking to bring some more color into your home while preserving the natural look of the wood grain, look no further! General Finishes makes a beautiful Dye Stain in over a dozen colors. The stain penetrates and dyes the wood for a deep and vibrant look. Support a small business and buy all of your General Finishes products here!" - Unfinished Furniture Colorado    

Hand crafted vase finished with Blue Dye Stain. 

"Just wow! Custom order with a customized mix of stain for an eggplant color using General Finishes water based dye stain, Merlot and Blue, with Graphite water based wood stain surrounded by Antique White Milk Paint. Beautiful!"   

"I used General Finishes gorgeous Blue Dye Stain for the first time and absolutely love it. This piece was tedious and time consuming but well worth it. Can't wait to make more!" - she.wood

Alaska is home of the midnight sky, and when the moon sits against the beautiful colors, it creates the most beautiful sky in the world. General finishes dye stains allows us to mimic the skies of the great Alaskan North in an amazing way. Each handcut peice is stained in general finishes custom dye stains. The sky is a mix of blue, ebony, and amber dyestain, all blended to an ombre effect. The moon is done with winter white glaze effects. The mountains are a mix of medium brown, dark brown...

Got Wood? Workshop cleverly created these colorful, shabby chic wall decor arrows! After custom-building these neat pieces, GotWood burns the edges and finishes with them GF water-based Dye Stains such as Merlot, Green and Blue! So cool!

Learn more about General Finishes's water-based Dye Stains and what they can do for your next project at

Phoenix Restoration repurposed this set of bamboo cane chairs by repainting them in Coastal Blue Milk Paint and finishing with a coat of High Performance Top Coat Satin.

To learn more about their process in transforming these pieces, vist their blog at

CW Interiors Inc.​ is ready for some backyard fun! These were made from Baltic Birch. GF Water Based Dye Stain in Blue, Brown, Yellow and Green was used along with Seagull Gray and Lamp Black Milk Paint.

This spectacular wall decoration was created from scratch by Kneeland Designs, and brought to life with a mixture of about 20 different General Finishes products! To start off, they applied water based conditioner and the oil based conditioner to the appropriate sections of the piece. Sun: Combination of General Finishes Empire Red, Amber, Orange and Yellow Dye Stains. Each was layered on the other to achieve a more complex color. Rock: Stained with GF's Pecan, American Walnut and Spiced...

"I love how I can achieve any type of finish with General Finishes milk paint... Whether you like a smooth modern, chippy aged or weathered distressed finish, General Finishes makes it easy! It is truly the ONE paint with endless possibilities!" -Tattered_Gypsy The chairs are painted by Tattered_Gypsy in General Finishes Federal Blue, Holiday Red and Antique White Milk Paints, and the little table is painted in GF's Coastal Blue and Millstone Milk Paint! These look so great! #GeneralFinishes...