True Inside-Out Chechen Ornament

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"I call this a "True" inside-out turning because it was made from a single Chechen pen blank. I marked the outside corners of the blank and then ripped it into four pieces on my bandsaw. I took the marked corners, turned them facing in and glued it all together. after turning and sanding, I applied 13 coats of Wood Turners finish, burnishing with wood chips between coats. The blank is then broken apart and glued back together with the marked corners in their original spots (I did number them so I knew where they were positioned. I turned (carefully) and sanded to 800 and then applied 13 coats of finish which was a little harder since I needed to keep the finish from going through the openings and getting on the already finished inside. The overall dimensions are 3.75 inches by 0.75 inches. The image was taken on my stone fireplace." - Tony Lira

This piece was entered into the 2016 GF Design Challenge Contest

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Tony Lira
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November 16, 2016