Tinted Enduro Poly Kitchen

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"We finished this kitchen up last week and let me tell you it took some time! It was previously painted with plenty of drips, brush marks, and peeling paint throughout it so every bit of the paint had to be sanded off. Have I told you how much fun that is?! With close to 50 doors and 15 drawers it felt more like two kitchens, and the doors were not small either!! These solid oak cabinets were sprayed with General Finishes Enduro Poly tinted to Sherwin Williams Origami White and the island was tinted to Sherwin Williams Dorian. It’s a beautiful color combination and flows perfectly with the backsplash and countertops. Absolutely love it!!" - Duke Interiors and Restoration    
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Duke Interiors and Restoration
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June 22, 2023