Pewter Dye Stain Mahogany Dresser

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"I’m just over here forever trying to neutralize the red/orange in Mahogany. Please don’t come for me lovers of warm wood tones. Anyway, I think I found my go-to for doing just that without going too dark or loosing the grain. My new secret weapon- General Finishes water based dye stain in Pewter.   To all my furniture refinishing friends, I’ll share my process if you want to give this look a whirl. Completely stripped inside and out with Jasco and lacquer thinner. Sanded with my orbital at 80, 100, 120, 150 and then hand sanded with 150. Lightly wet the wood with water to raise grain and sand again with 150 (from what I read, a must for a good water based dye finish). One application of Pewter. Two coats of Zinsser’s Seal Coat (dewaxed shellac) sanding in between each coat with a 400 on my orbital. Finished off with 3 coats of GF High Performance Topcoat in Flat, sanding after the first and second coat with 400 on my orbital. The original pulls were soaked in boiled vinegar and scrubbed with #0000 steel wool. The interior of the drawers were freshened up with Wise Owl furniture salve." - Blush Vintage    
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August 24, 2021