Natural Walnut Veneer Dresser in Arm-R-Seal

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"Sven took me a little out of my comfort zone as I realized his hardware measurements are virtually impossible size to find nowadays. He looks to me like a beautiful blended piece between likely the 40's and late 50's as the decorative veneered waterfall style turned into the more moderne MCM style. His walnut-veneered body is fully stripped down to naked grain and sealed in General Finishes hand applied Arm-R-Seal in satin. No stain, no frills. Just the tones of the bare wood beneath! I really didn't want to damage the near perfect veneered surface by filling holes for new hardware, so I did a little soul searching and found myself a custom leather shop that makes special order handmade leather and brass rivet straps. Cool right? I sort of love the mixture of soft neutral woods and slightly masculine texture of the leather. We added a few inches with some iron style legs to tie that black together!" - Restoration Reserve
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Restoration Reserve
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April 21, 2021