Natural Vanity in High Peformance Topcoat

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Everybody has a story. Everybody has a scar. When she was built she had a destiny. She was intended to be gifted to a young fiancée, on that spectacular wedding day. Sadly that day took a turn for the worse, when the bride-to-be decided she couldn’t go thru with the marriage. Unfortunately we will never know why. What we DO know is that a heartbroken man was so devastated that he tattooed this babe for life, with his smoldering cigar. She’s adorned with the highest quality carved wood. She’s a blend of everything beautiful and amazing even in natural state. We stripped her of the old crackled finish and decided to rebirth her into a fresh and clean new life. The scars will always be there- but they serve as a badge of perseverance and stately honor. Beauty can still come from the ashes. She would adorn ANY room in a home but a foyer or statement piece for a bedroom would suffice. Huge base drawer is over 10” deep and would be perfect for quilts or linens. Original brass hardware has been chemically antiqued . General Finishes High performance top coat on surface for durability.
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Restoration Reserve
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November 18, 2022