Natural Buffet in Arm-R-Seal

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"I call her Clara. Because our objective here was to "Clear" her up. You know what I'm talking about..... that old aged Lacquer look that tends to 'cloud' over all the wood grain. We could see the imprints of the fine woodwork below, but it was hard to distinguish the grain patterning below that thick old finish. Honestly I'm not sure I've ever had a buffet with THIS many different wood species in it! She wasn't in terrible shape. A little moisture damage here and there, a few pieces of missing veneer that were pretty well hidden by that thick finish, and a few little bite marks from a little four legged friend at some point in time. Besides that.... it was a pretty smooth (albeit lonnnnnnggggg) strip down process. We always use a chemical/thinning technique when we have burl cut veneers, because sanding them in the wrong direction can absolutely ruin them.... and I mean, which direction is wrong when the grain goes in a circle.... right? Anyways, a full strip down, light hand sand of all the parts, and a wonderful new General Finishes Arm-R-Seal Clear Finish. NO stains. No colors. Just bare naked wonderful wood with all the natural tones that will be ready to blend with literally ANY decor this family goes with! Oh, and a fresh felt lined drawer- because.... why not, right? Classic design, classic finish..... Preserved for years to come! " - Restoration Reserve  
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June 14, 2021