Midnight Blue Chalk Style Paint Cabinet

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Absolutely loving this GF Midnight Blue Chalk Style Paint cabinet from Cupcakes and Crowbars! Dee of Cupcakes and Crowbars says, "I LOVE this cabinet now, and am so glad I didn’t banish it to the yard sale realm. If I had, I wouldn’t have had the chance to try out General Finishes Chalk Style Paint – which, in case you’re wondering, goes on like butter. It isn’t gritty. It isn’t clumpy or weird. It’s really, really good. It took me two coats on the bulk of the cabinet to get perfect coverage over white primer. I used more on the door, but honestly that’s because of my own sloppiness. Even with all that, I have just over half a quart left – so it goes really far, too. I’m thoroughly impressed and now understand why so many are fans of this brand. If you haven’t tried chalk paint before – GO FOR IT! It’s just paint! And as you can see, paint can totally change the personality of a piece of furniture."


**GF Chalk Style Paint has been discontinued. Replace with Coastal Blue Milk Paint. 

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January 25, 2016