MCM Arm-Seal Set

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"Fully stripping down and refinishing this Kent Coffey “The Wharton” mid century modern dresser set pushed me to my limits. After working on the furniture all day, at night I’d watch YouTube videos about mid century modern furniture restoration, tutorials on how to repair veneer, how and when to use toner. I learned so much, and was humbled time and time again when the trial and error cycle repeated. . When you fully refinish a piece, you get to know every square inch of that piece. All the nooks and crannies. How the piece was constructed, where they used veneer versus solid wood. Where they used the premium materials and where they cut corners and used the cheaper stuff. And as much as this brand is revered by MCM collectors and enthusiasts, it wasn’t perfect. It hadn’t been worked on since it left the factory, but I removed lacquer drip marks on one of the cabinet doors, overspray on the drawers, stripped and crooked screws on the base. . This was a beautiful reminder to me that “the factory” was comprised of human beings just trying to do their best. Just the same, I’m human and my work isn’t perfect either. Far from it. In a world where too many people post reactions and opinions that they’d never have the nerve to say to someone’s face, I hope we never lose sight of the fact that human endeavors are inherently flawed. And there’s so much beauty in that. .  Removed old finish with Stripwell QCS and Circa 1850 from The Paint People  I used every imaginable sanding tool in my shop, including my SurfPrep Sanding 3x4 sander  Sealed with General Finishes Arm-R-Seal in Satin. Wiped on with a clean cotton rag, after final coat dried, buffed with #0000 steel wool."     
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Built by Amy
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November 9, 2023