Mahogany Dining Table

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"Solid Mahogany Dining Table- Constructed from rough sawn 8/4 mahogany, milled to 1.75" thick after jointing and planing. The top was made in three sections, each finished separately then joined together. The top was first dyed with General Finishes Ebony Dye Stain. Once dry the outer sections were finished with three coats of Enduro PreCat Urethane, Flat. The center section was finished with Enduro PreCat Urethane, Gloss. Once the center section cured for 2 weeks it was further polished with micromesh up to 12000g. The trestle base is also solid mahogany with the same finish (Flat Enduro PreCat Urethane) Width is 42", Height is 30", and length is 120"." - Jason A Bedre

Jason entered this into the Wood Working category of the 2016 GF Design Challenge Contest
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Jason A Bedre
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November 21, 2016