Magnola Reborn

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A wonderful 150-year-old deep-South Magnolia tree was blown to the ground in a heavy storm.  It laid on the ground for quite some time and had begun to show the signs of decay when parts of it were recovered to be saved and reborn in another form.  The early stages of decay and rot are evidenced by the beautiful streaks of black color through the wood.  The form was shaped with very thin walls, which results in a delightful tactile experience when the viewer picks up the piece from the table.  Life’s experiences teach us that a relatively large piece of wood should have a certain weight, and the viewer is very surprised when they discover that the piece is actually very much lighter than they expected.  Wood that was on the ground rotting has been reborn into a new life.  The finish is General Finishes Wood Turners Finish and the completed bowl is 13" x 5".

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Ric Taylor
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Post Date
October 18, 2017