"Invoke" Coffee Table/Bench

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"I find it Nearly Impossible to Find Words or Pictures that will do Justice to the Design and Elements Involved in the Invoke Table.  It must be Seen and Touched in Person to get the Full Experience.

A Powder Coated Welded Steel Frame is Inlaid with a Amazing Black Walnut Surface that has Undergone a sort of Natural Grain Enhancement thru Meticulous Grinding and Sanding which Creates a Virtual Wood Grain Topography.  The Walnut is then Waterfall Jointed over the Edge of the Piece and Artfully Crafted to Tightly Fit the Frame.  The Opposite End of the Framing Boasts a Cross Section of Round Bar to Hang your Favorite Reading Materials and keep the Top Surface Clutter Free.

In All this Piece is a Sensory Explosion and Every Angle Draws You in to Get a Closer Look and Feel." - Joe Cauvel of CAUV Design

Joe entered this into the Woodworking category of the 2016 GF Design Challenge Contest.

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CAUV Design
Post Date
November 18, 2016