Hutch in Enduro Black Poly

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"This hutch at one time was a beautiful Ethan Allen solid maple piece some friends of mine had stored in their basement. They went on vacation and came home to 14″ of water in their basement due to their sump pump giving out. You can see the water level mark on the lower doors and it goes without saying… was destined for the burn pile. Then it hit me one day that I had a perfect place for it in my kitchen. I love to promote the products that I totally believe in (no they didn’t pay me to say any of this!) so a big shout out to General Finishes for their Enduro Black Water Based Poly. I love, love, love this stuff and this is what I used for this “hutch flip”. Heck, it’s what I ALWAYS use whenever I need to create something in black. " - The WoodGal    
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Ruth Walker
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November 22, 2016