High Performance African Mahogany Hutch

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"Holy moly. When my neighbor called and said they had this old small hutch in their garage I was a little less than hopeful. All the details just screamed- I took this from granny’s house! Old Mahogany hutches are a dime a dozen but I figured maybe we could do a fun paint job or something to spruce it up…. But boy was I wrong!!! After removing the trim and decorative pieces, we stripped down bare to find ourselves some African Mahogany- which is one of my favorite woods known for its rich natural tones more like walnut and without the red…. But ohhhhh such wonderful sweet grains! Stripped down, sealed in General Finishes High Performance water based satin topcoat so we didn’t encourage too much ambering on this piece. We updated the old Hepplewhite hardware into something a little more utilitarian and almost understated industrial looking…. Backing is a repro grass paper in all neutral tones to lighten up the inside and keep it nice and toned down." - Restoration Reserve    
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Restoration Reserve
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August 2, 2022