Enduro White Poly Murphy Bed

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Murphy Bed with side cabinets installed yesterday down in Finleyville. Like many murphy bed customers, they had an extra room that only served as a guest room a few times per year. Having the bed folded against the wall allows it to be used for other purposes the other 350 days of the year.

The murphy bed was made from scratch using the createabed queen vertical adjustable hardware kit then spray finished with General Finishes White Poly.

The side cabinets were antiques already owned by the customer but were in really rough shape. They were taken back to the shop, disassembled, repairs made and also modified to fit with the murphy bed then sprayed to match the finish on the bed. The front paneling and the crown molding on the bed were custom made to match the existing side cabinets. Small outlet/charging ports were also added to the side cabinets because they will be used as nightstands for guests.

As with most murphy bed projects, this entire unit was scribed and cut to fit over the existing base molding so that it can be attached firmly, flat against the wall but can also be completely removed down the line with no damage to the room other than a few screw holes in the wall.

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Cardinal Woodcraft
Post Date
May 18, 2023