Ebony and Amethyst Turned Pen

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Ebony and amethyst are a such a natural match, and this curly figure is so well complemented by the rough, natural beauty of the crystal. The warm tones of the wood are brought up so perfectly by General Finishes Waterbased Turners' Finish. I first apply two coats of varnish and allow the grain to rise before sanding that down with the coarsest grit of MicroMesh. I then apply up to 10 coats of varnish until I'm happy with the coating. I then meticulously sand through all grits of MicroMesh to flatten and remove any specks, working up to a fine gloss. I apply one last coat of varnish before polishing with only the two finest MicroMesh grits. The result is an absolutely beautiful high gloss finish that is so durable!

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Michael Alguire
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Post Date
October 16, 2017