Custom Console in Medium Brown Dye Stain

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The talents behind JD Goldberg Furniture Co. custom built this console and finished it with our Medium Brown Dye Stain and a custom whitewash for that Restoration Hardware look! JD shared his complete process: "6 legged console table I built for a client. She wanted kind of a weathered restoration hardware look. (Don't they all??) Anyway, here's what I came up with. The table is made from solid red oak. All mortise and tenon joinery. Here's the finishes schedule.. Exactly!! Enjoy. JD used 1 coat General Finishes Medium Brown Dye Stain (wiped immediately with a wet rag), followed by 1 coat home-made whitewash applied with brush and wiped with wet rag immediately, then 1 glaze coat with stain rag over dry whitewash and 3 coats of General Finishes High Performance in Satin. *NOTE* keep stain rag in a ziplock for use as glaze rag over white coat."

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March 11, 2015