Custom Antique Oak & Graystone Hutch

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"Isn’t it spectacular?!? Just 3 weeks ago it was a sad little hutch with a bad paint job now it looks like a antique cabinet that came from a old mercantile a hundred years ago but in reality it is probably only 30 years old…lol This cabinet wasn’t very attractive when I purchased it but I thought it was pretty unique because of the 4 upper doors that gives full access to the the interior unlike most china cabinets….I wanted the cabinet to have a grand feel so I made it about 12” taller by adding a breadbox section between the top and base…. The frilly dated designs on the doors were the first to go! I replaced the design with faux drawer fronts to simplify and add more old character….The hardware is new old stock that I found on Ebay! I love how much character they added! To break up all the wood I decided to paint the interior an off black color I created by mixing Melange paints Jet Black and Restoration Bronze. I stained the wood in a mixture of General Finishes Graystone and Antique Oak Water Based wood stain to give the wood a warm natural look." - NB.Restorations      
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March 16, 2023