Coffee Table in a Fabulous Orange and Brown Dye Stain Mix

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What a great use of multiple GF products! JD Goldberg Furniture Co. says, "I am a professional furniture builder from California. I'm the owner of J.D. Goldberg Furniture Co. I use General Finishes products exclusively. I built this mission piece for a gallery in Northern California. I wanted to do a tribute piece to the local missions that are prevalent in this area and very much a part of our history. This piece is modeled after Gustav stickler's original that debuted in the 1890's. This solid oak table was dyed with a mixture of General Finishes Medium Brown and Orange Dye Stain. After the dye process was complete I applied a coat of General finishes High Performance Top Coat. I wanted to add some depth to the piece so I went back over the High Performance Top Coat with a rag that was still damp with stain and lightly rubbed in a "dry glaze coat". This worked beautifully and after that step it was ready for a few more coats of High Performance."

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March 10, 2015