Coastal Inspired Vintage Chest

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Susan of Saw Nail and Paint inspires us with this gorgeous vintage chest.

"For the base coat I used General Finishes Chalk Style Paint in Key West Blue.  It’s a really pretty blue green; perfect for the coastal inspired theme.  I mixed in the paint additive Saltwash and used a brush to stipple on the mixture.  It’s messy, but no worries because your brush cleans up with soap and water.  I knocked down the peaks and let it dry. I added a 50/50 mixture of the Key West Blue and a pure white chalk paint I had on hand to create a softer aqua color.  I applied the top coat, let it dry, and then sanded.  In the areas that would naturally wear, like around the edges and the knobs, I sanded more heavily to reveal the darker base coat.   I also let bits of the wood show through." - Susan

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**General Finishes Chalk Style Paint has been discontinued. Replace with Key West Blue Milk Paint

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Saw Nail and Paint
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July 6, 2016